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Item ID: SCO-999
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: CAMILA Site-22
Director: Jeremy Pallas
Research Head: G. R. Raven
Assigned Task Force: SCOTF Apophis
Level 4/999

Location of SCO-999’s Discovery


Exclusive Analysis Procedures:
All instances of SCO-999 must be terminated as soon as possible. At the time of the last revision of this document, no instances of SCO-999 have yet been terminated through any available means to the Organization.

All instances of SCO-999 prior to their termination are to be contained in separate containment chambers 10m in width, cooled to 10 Kelvin (263.15°C) to incapacitate all instances of SCO-999 with 1m thick walls to insulate all temperatures from the inside of SCO-999’s containment chambers.

SCO-999 instances are not to reproduce to prevent an LK-Class Scenario.

SCO-999 is a species of 13 confirmed alien humanoids discovered on ██th May 2024 at the coordinates: 77° 2' 21.904█'' N, 84° 53' 20.691█'' W in Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada.

SCO-999 instances appear as a humanoid entity with charcoal black skin with several thousand tendrils extending from the body and especially the head and neck of SCO-999. SCO-999’s hands appear clawed and has no visible feet. All instances of SCO-999 wear a black cloak consisting of a thin fabric and wields a staff consisting of nickel, osmium, astitine and polonium. All SCO-999 instances measure at 3.8 metres (12 feet) tall and weigh in at 1490 kilograms (1.49 tonnes) however this number varies.

SCO-999 is an opportunistic hunter, engaging with subjects within a 1 kilometre radius. SCO-999 usually attacks by enveloping its subject with it’s tendrils. SCO-999 will then begin secreting intense volumes of hydrochloric acid and trific acid from each of it’s tendrils attached to the victim, thought of as a pre-digestion strategy. After this process, it will claim a portion of the subject’s dismembered body as it’s own. As for the remainder of the body, the body will be claimed by other instances of SCO-999.

SCO-999 instances maintain augmented regenerative abilities, showing no signs of damage on the body of an instance of SCO-999 after:

  • Extreme blunt force trauma in which would kill a regular human being.
  • Temperatures below 50,000 Kelvin and above 72 Kelvin (201.15°C).
  • Pressure exceeding 800,000 PSI.
  • Long-term acid exposure exceeding 25 days.

SCO-999 reproduce by severing a tendril from it’s head through it’s typical method of hunting. During this process, SCO-999 suffers extreme distress, screaming and shrieking throughout the entire process. An adolescent grows from the tendril to a re-creation of it’s parent within 1min, 43s. Full development of a new SCO-999 instance occurs within 5 minutes. Due to the method of this process, this can cause an LK-Class “Dominance Shift” Scenario.

SCO-999’s origins are currently unknown. However, 20 minutes prior it’s discovery, an instance of SCO-042 appeared over the exact coordinates of which SCO-999 was discovered.


Addendum 999.1: Breach 999.1:

DATE: 25/07/2025
During a containment breach executed by SCO-███, one wall of SCO-999’s containment chambers was heavily scarred by SCO-███. SCO-999-3 and SCO-999-11 reawakened and escaped their allocated containment chamber and ended up killing 25 personnel and injuring 37 more including the death of SCO-███. The location of both instances are currently unknown.

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