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Item ID: SCO-766
Object Class: Rarus
Site Responsible: USMILA Site-11
Director: Vincent Plato
Research Head: T. C. Track
Assigned Task Force: SCOTF Eris
Level 3/766



Exclusive Analysis Procedures:
The Organization has purchased Langley Air Force Base, Virginia from the US Government to augment containment of SCO-766. All structures including glass have been demolished to allow safety to all personnel at Site-11. Site-11 is to be evacuated whenever an asteroid is 100km from SCO-766 to avoid casualties during containment of SCO-766.

SCO-766 is a B-59 Airacomet US Aircraft manufactured in 1951. From face-value, SCO-766 does not seem anomalous, however, SCO-766’s anomalous property is it’s ability to attract objects from space from beyond the Karman Line.

SCO-766 somehow lacks the ability to be harmed showing no signs of lasting damage after exposure to numerous airbursts, nuclear weapons,

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